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Postage & Packing






Shipment in the Netherlands

Regular  4,50
Track & Trace 7,25
Registered 9,25





Shipment in Europe, Zone 1


( Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom )

Regular  8,50
Track & Trace 14,00
Registered 16,50





Shipment in Europe zone 2


( All other European countries, not mentioned in Zone 1, except Russia, see Rest of the World )

Regular  10,00
Track & Trace 19,50
Registered 22,00





Shipment to the Rest of the World


( Africa, America (North, Mid and South), Asia, Oceania, Russia )

Regular  11,00
Track & Trace 25,50
Registered 28,00












You can  choose out of the following ways to pay us:
1 Cash Euro's preferred but USD/GBP also accepted. 1 Euro = 1,30 USD/1,00 GBP.     No coins accepted. Please note that Nicpix Aviation Press can't be held responsible for any cash payment non-arriving!
2 Paypal please add 10% to the total amount, INCLUDING P&P, to cover their charges  Paypal adresses are:
3 Credit Cards only possible through Paypal.                                                                                  Please add 10% to the total amount, INCLUDING P&P,   to cover their charges.    On request instructions will be sent
4 Bank Account Transfer To Dutch Bank Account only
Account no:             NL76SNSB0913946176
Accountholder:        H op den Dries
Resindence:            Enschede, The Netherlands
IBAN :                       NL76SNSB0913946176
BIC :                         SNSBNL2A
Please inform us of the option of your choice BEFORE your payment is made













Premier Order Discount:

  Customers who place their premier order with us after 01-04-2010 (April 1, 2010),  (so the very first order they place with us) receive a 10% discount over their entire order including P&P! (This is not effective when slides are ordered under a special discount-action with a greater discount). Should the ordervalue reach the  100,-,  the Ordervaluediscount will be given as this discount is larger than the premier orderdiscount.. Customers who have placed an order with us in the past will recieve the same discount on their next order placed  
  Ordervalue Discount  
  Ordervalues over 100 will  be shipped by us through registered mail (if you do want it to be shipped by regular mail please let us know, however we take no responsibility in any way if these shipments are getting lost in the mail!) and a 12.50 % discount will be given over the total ordervalue, including P&P!  
  Loyal Customers Discount:  
  Each customer receives one point with each order, placed with us (except the very first order placed as this order already is granted a 10% discount); the minimum ordervalue to receive a point is 30.00;  these points will be used to receive a discount over the entire ordervalue, including, P&P! Points will remain their value for five years after the last order was placed. This means a order has to be placed exceeding   30,-  ordervalue at least once every five years to keep the discount.
points received discount (%)
5-9 10,00
10-19 12,50
20-29 15,00
30-39 17,50
40 20,00

Enschede, 03-01-2020