Wittmund AB
The Base Museum contains Me-109 12,  CL-13B Sabre JA-106 and F-104G 2485  visiting Do-27 D-EGFR F-4FKWS Phantom II head-on!
3829 at its' parking spot 3829 nicely for its' shelter and 3833 also  3824 presenting itself 3824 in frog perspective
also present: 3842 followed by 3853 3850 was also among the stars of the day and so was 3810 3792 without any fueltanks
3828 in its special scheme was parked on a ramp 3810 with different light on it the canopy's were opened we were also photographed!
JG-71 'Richthofen" F-4FKWS Phantom II with registration 3829 very nicely photographed in different postions
old lady 3701 was also present 3824 with open camopy's 3842 from the side 3833 slightly from the front and from the side!
3848 from the rear 3801 in beautiful lighting conditions 3792 on the ramp 3828 : the final shot this day