Neuburg an der Donau

3064 is a EF-2000 of JG-74 3020 is on loan from Laage's JG-73 Neuburgs'  QRA-flight on the runway 3010 is a EF-2000(T) jettrainer/fighter
Eurofighter display practice 4345 on a practice approach after formation approach 3039 recovering into runway 27 3010 also recovering
3030 on GCA roll-out QRA-bird rushing back to its' shelter 3039 was the 2nd QRA-bird 3020 overshooting
3063 simulated energency: flat tyre on landing 3020 did multiple approaches some were really low!
3058 on the taxitrack 3064 with open airbrake 3063 heading for his shelter 3068 returning
3068 seen here on the taxitrack speedbrake open for 3006 while taxiing back
QRA-bird 3030 on the taxitrack JaBoG-33 Tornado 4528 on its' way!
 dragchute landing of 3020 Laage's 3020 in nice anniversary markings of 5 years Eurofighter
EF-2000 3048 used for trials has his tail special coloured in 50 years anniversary markings of JG-74
EF-2000 of  JG-74 3006, 3023, 3030, 3039, 3048, 3058, 3063, 3064, 3068 Visitors Tornado 4345 of JaBoG-32
EF-2000(T) of  JG-74: 3010   Tornado 4528 of JaBoG-33
EF-2000(T) on loan from JG-73 3020   Tornado 4... of JaBoG-32
      Tornado 4... of JaBoG-33

and like these two friendly pilots we say

thanks for the good times and good-bye!