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 Melsbroek 02-06-2008



                       This is how  the Belgian Air Force mark their  their VIP aircraft       The Badge of the 15th Wing


a few big aircraft in maintance: Airbus A310-222 CA-01 and Hercules C-130H CH-08


The Falcon Fleet was inside the hangar, showing, from left to right, CD-01 a Da-900,  and  CM-01 and CM-02 being both Da-20's

Also based at Melsbroek is the flying wing of the Belgium Police force, most of their aircraft were inside their hangar:


G-01 is a Cessna-182Q and G-04 is a Cessna-182R                    MD-900  helicopter  G-10 from both sides


G-14 & G-15 are MD-520N helicopters.  MD-900 G-12 was not suitable for duty.  Alouette-II A-94 is preserved at the ceiling!

                       Outside on the base the following helicopter and aircraft were to be seen:


                   MD-900 G-11 was on stand-by                           ERL-135LR  CE-01 almost ready for its' mission.


On the ramp were only two C-103H Hercules cargo aircraft as they are needed everywhere at any time!