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On 25-05-2008 at 13:31 hrs local time, a Boeing 747 cargo aircraft crashed at The Brussels Apt of Zaventem.

Its' crew escaped with light injuries using the escape slide.

The aircraft came into serious problems while taking off.

The pilot tried to break off the start of the aircraft but doing so it ran out of runway and the aircraft slided off the runway and broke into two pieces.

It came to a stand, just a meter further and it would have hit the tracks of the Leuven/Brussel-Apt railway.

The aircrafts' cargo , 76 tons total , was described as diplomatic, including mail, batteries and a car.

The aircraft was a Boeing 747-200F with registration N704CK and was operated by Kalitta Air.

It destiny was Bahrain and Dubai under flightnumber K4-207.

The aircraft first commercial flight was on 24 July 1980 when it was operated by China Airlines.

Here are some pictures taken at the crash site on 02 June 2008:

Showing the enormous size of the giant; it is still 200 meters away from the house!

Just passed the house on the previous picture; still 150 meters away!

Still to be seen is the escape slide the crew used to abort the plane.

The crane is moving in to take away a big piece while the fire brigade is watching the safety.

And here the last part of the tail is lifted


The tail is taken to the shredder.

Just to see how close the plane is  to the railway.

Police cars are present as the wreck is guarded day and night.