Wittmund AB  March 2013

a couple of days at the fence

In early morning light 3833 taxies to the runway for take off with full military selected! Wingman 3848 followed shorty after
BAe A-4N Skyhawks N262WL and N431FS on the runway private owned Cessna D-EMKM Calibration bird D-CGFH
Recovery othe QRA-birds:  first to land was 3848 followed by 3833 3792 on its' way  to the last chance
C-160D 5103 made a few approaches 3824 leaving the last chance followed by 3792 3824 waiting for its' wingman
paring up for their take off Beautiful Douglas A-4N Skyhawk N262WL returning to Wittmund N268WL on the "08"
C-CCCB came in  for a fuel-stop N431FS shorty before landing 3824 returning seen here  while landing at Wittmund AB
3792 above the runway N268WL caught in beautiful light 3833 towing & 3810 seen in the rear  BAe preparing some sorties
N268WL starting its' 2nd mission N262WL also made a 2nd mission 3722 entering runway 26  followed by 3824
3824 selected AB for the take off 3722 during a very low approach 3722 on GCA roll out and leaving "the active"
3824 on "the main" 3722 during a very low approach QRA-bird 3833 with dragchute vacating the runway
QRA-bird 3848 on GCA roll out just got rid of the dragchute and leaving the runway 3837 taxiing to the main
QRA-bird 3837 on the runway QRA birds shortly before take off 3837 starting its' take off run D-CLME calibrated rwy 10 at ETNJ
Robin D-EBSC is based at Wittmund 3837 recovering into Wittmund and its' wingman 3848 landed also on the  "08"
JG-73 Eurofighters were also to be seen: 3077 came first followed by 3067 3810 taxiing out the shelterpark
3810 is painted in Norm-72 camo due to the F-4's retirement in June 3810's wingman was 3833 3810 on the runway
3833 in Norm-81 camo pattern the pair made an overshoot before leaving for ETSN Tornado 4560 is assigned to AG-51
D-CFME came in for a fuel stop and left a little while later 3864 on its' way to the last chance and heading for the runway
3824 entering "the active" 3864 & 3824 on the runway 3864 above Wittmund's rwy 08 and nearly landed

and with this friendly pilot we say good-bye!