We started off at Landsberg an der Lech AB:

Poland AF CASA in the very early morning sun And once more C-295 011 during noon-time French AF participation: C-160R R84

7132 is a SAR UH-1D

7147 returning from a mission

7169 awaiting its' turn to fly

5096 is a resident C-160D

5093 is another LTG-61 C-160D

LTG-63 5086 was visiting

5086 was painted in

50 years anniversary scheme:

LTG-61 50 years for peace

The second & third days were for Lechfeld AB:

4538 heading for the runway

and lift off!

tiger tornado 4648 taxiing

and during


Italy AF Tornado mm7082/50-54 during take-off AMI Tornado mm7027 in 70 years 50 Wing/65 years 155 Sqn  scheme
Spain AF EF-18A+ C.15-39/15-26 and C.15-64/15-34caught in the start Poland AF Su-22UM-3K 508 Su-22M4 8103 also participated
AG-51 Tornado's 4464  and 4620 with roaring engines JaBoG-32 Tornado's 4635 and 4636 in the take-off
German Navy Atlantic-SIGINT 6106 Turkey AF F-16C's 93-0011 and 93-0013 during take-off 77-0285 is a F-4E-2020 Terminator
nice Fitters heading for the runway 508 on the runway followed by 8308 T-33A DB-396 was towed
4627 taxiing for the runway followed by 4630 508 during landing again followed by 8308
Italian Tornado line-up 7027 on the flightline 7082 ready for taxiing groundcrew awaiting things to come
HAF F-16C 054 during GCA roll-out 082 is a F-16D twinseater 060 with the nose upwards and so is 070
4649 with  trust reverse activated 4538 hitting the brakes 4630 on the runway 4337 also landed
Su-22UM-3K 508 dragchute landing and Fitter 508 closer Su-22M4 8103 dragchute landing and Fitter 8103 closer
93-0011 made a drachute landing and  93-0013 did also AMI Tornado mm7082 landed also Spanish F-18 C.15-39 on the runway
JaBoG-32's Tiger Tornado 4648 made it also back F-4E 73-1022 dragchute landing and F-4E-2020 77-0285 also
HAF F-16C 054 taxiing followed by F-16D 084 and F-16C 060 Recce-Tornado 4620 taxiing
4538 on Lechfeld AB's taxiway Tornado-ECR 4636 followed by 4624 Italy AF Tornado mm7059 taxiing
followed by mm7082/50-54 and mm7038/50-04 Spain AF Hornet C.15-39 taxiing and his wingman C.15-64
Turkish F-16C 93-0011 heading back followed by 93-0013 Phantom 77-0285 on the taxitrack and  Terminator 73-1022 also
Poland AF FItter 508 on Lechfeld AB's taxitrack Beautiful Poland AF's  Fitter 8103 completes this foto-shoot