ARRIVALS (in random order)

Dutch F-16AM J-060 of Leeuwardens' 322 sqn Turkish AF C-160D transport Dutch Fokker F-50 VIP-aircraft Belgium Sea King SAR helicopter
Hunter XE-685 arriving Papa AB, Hungary, based C-17A  03 arriving at EHLW 1503 is a Polish AF C-130E Hercules transport aircraft
German AF F-4FKWS Phantom-II 3701  USAF C-21 84-0083 Italy AF RSV (test unit) MB-339CD mm55068/RS-33
Belgium AF Red Devils SF-260MB+'s ST-15 & ST-03  French AF Epsilon 116/315-YG Belgium AF  Alpha Jet  AT-10 Finnish AF F-27M-400 FF-3
The RAF sent  three Tucano T-1's to Leeuwarden including this special coloured  bird! Polish AF MiG-29 Fulcrum 67 taxiing back after landing
USAFE, 48 FW/493 FS F-15's 86-0175 & 86-0182 at Leeuwarden Polish AF Su-22UM-3K  Fitter 308 French AF Alpha Jets E-138 & E-98 were also attending
Netherlands AF C-130H Hercules G-781 Norway AF  F-16AM  677 RAF Hawk XX-220 as spare for nicely coloured XX-245
Belgium AF F-16AM FA-95 & F-16BM FB-22 in beautiful light Finnish AF F-18C Hornet HN-405 came with  HorNet-424 USAFE F-16C 88-0525
and F-16D  90-0777 Netherlands AF KDC-10 T-235  F-16AM J-511: Bonzo 60 years!  Italy C-130J Hercules mm62190 left with this spectacular take-off!

 REHEARSALS (in random order)

3 demo F-16's on a pass Netherlands AF F-16AM J-015 some shots of Belgium A-109BA  helicopter with registration  H-27 Turkish AF F-16C 89-0022
made some very spectacular manouvres in the air; as you can see, and made a dragchute landing!
Team Viper operates four Hawker Hunters T.7 G-VETA, FGA.9 XG-194 GA.11 XE-685 and T.7 WV-372  Team Viper in its'  element
Hunter G-VETA diving Team Viper splitting up Royal Navy Black Cats' Lynxes HMA8SRU are XZ-692 & XZ-722 
Belgium AF F-16AM FA-95 FA-110 also made a display and seen here on roll-out French AF Alpha Jet E-138 Belgium AF  team the Red Devils
RAF, 6 AEF,  Tutor G-BYWL  Soloturk F-16C 91-0011 during its' take-off Finnish AF F-18C Hornet HN-424 during its' display
Royal Netherlands AF AH-64D  Apache  attack-helicopter wit registration Q-17  during its' very , very spectacular display does she need to rehearse?

STATIC (in random order)

Czech AF Mi-35 Hind helicopter  German Army UH-1D 7294 German AF EF-2000 Eurofighter 3070 was towed into the static
Belgium AF F-16BM FB-22 USAFE F-16D 90-0777/AV USAFE  F-16C 88-0525/AV USAFE F-15D Eagle 86-0182/LN USAFE F-15C Eagle 86-0175/LN
Norway AF F-16AM 677 German AF Phantom-II  3701 Polish AF Su-22UM-3K FItter fighter-bomber with registration 308
Nice close ups of most  beautiful aircraft possible: the F-4FKWS Phantom-II and the Su-22UM-3K Fitter

And with this friendly pilot we say thanks for all who made this possible: it was a very good event!