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NASA Dryden

On the July 28th 2009, Nicpix Aviation Press was granted a superb visit

       at the NASA facility of Dryden, located on Edwards AFB, Ca.

                                 See below the results of this photoshoot; enjoy!! 

                                                                      (just click on the thumbnails to se the larger images)


                 preserved near the main building are X-29 049; F-8C 802 and F-104G N826NA


            also preserved is this SR-71A with registration N844NA and is former USAF 64-17971 


                 and this mock-up of X-15A, no 3, 56-6772 as well as original X1E 46-0063/6063 also.

                             inside one of their hangars were the following aircraft to be seen:


       NASA's  T-38N Talons N903NA, N863NA and N864NA were in the hangar for maintenance.


          T-34C N865NA, Beech-200 King Air N7NA and engine changing F-18 were also worked on.


                     Three F-18's in the hangar: F-18A N843NA; F-18B's  N846NA & N852NA


In a second hangar were present: newly arrived AMT-200S N148FX; F-15B N836NA and F-18A N853NA


      wfu F-18 "Ironbird" and F-16XL's N848NA and N849NA are still present, awaiting their fate


         wfu F-18's are still useful as spare part centers; seen here are:  N845NA, N851NA and N847NA


             Outside on the flightline there were two T-38N Talon jetaircraft: N961NA and N904NA


                                              Photographer busy at its' very sweating job!


          Beech-200 N801NA and Gulfstream III  N803NA were being prepared for their mission


                             Also outside were F-18A N850NA and beautiful ER-2S N809NA                               

 Nicpix Aviation Press hereby thanks Mr Gray Creech for his time and making this visit a superb one!

                                                                          end of article