Bavaria 2012

Neuburg an der Donau AB 02/03-04-2012

2 EF-2000's taxiing for the runway  3029 heading for the runway EF-2000(T) is a dualseater 3020 in 5 years EF-2000 scheme
QRA-bird 3073 on finals for rwy-27 QRA-bird 3061 on the taxitrack QRA-bird 3073 rushed via the runway back to its' shelter
3025 on GCA roll-out  3025 on the taxitrack and its' wingman 3029 also 7116 made a midfield crossing
3030 returning to its' shelter  3020 also made it back safely 3020 on the taxitrack D-IBAD was also to be seen
QRA-bird 3070 entering the 27  3061 was towed in the QRA area 3029 flew both days two times! D-HADI was seen at Donauwrth

Manching AB 02/03-04-2012

Tornado ECR 4632 was used  as chase-plane for the EF-2000 3089 by the DASA compagny  AWACS LX-N90458 on the runway
 C-160D 5105 was on loan from LTG-62  by  WtD-61 3091, a brand new, EF-2000 made a long during testflight
 D-CGFA left for Hohn AB 9807 starting with full AB for a series of spectacular approaches at Manching AB