Frisian Flag exercise, Leeuwarden AB, 15-04-2015  
  3064 recovering into Leeuwarden AB as well as its' wingman 3075 Finland AF F-18C HN-450  was  
  followed by HN-441 and HN-440 as the third Finland AF  F-18  HN-407 making the 4-ship complete  
  J-197 with disbanded 311 sqn badge J-013 with 323 sqn (F-35's!)badge Cobham participated also  
  Germany was present with no less than 10 Eurofighters of Nörvenich based TLG-31  
  J-136 & J-016 are assigned to 312 sqn and based at Volkel AB Poland AF Viper 4067  
  Poland AF F-16C 4071  on finals followed by  4066 4075 recovering into Leeuwarden  
  Spain AF F-18M Hornets C.15-66 and C.15-57 on finals rwy 23 F-16AM J-642 without sqn markings  
  J-516 is assigned  to the Leeuwarden based 322 sqn and so is J-644 4 ANG F-15's overhead  
  Oregon ANG F-15C 86-0151  Oregon ANG F-15C 86-0106 82-0016 out of Portland AB  
  Florida ANG's F-15C 86-0161 Oregon ANG's F-15C 80-0024 84-0031 in colorful markings  
  German AF Eurofighter 3080 C.15-62 is a Spain AF F-18M Hornet greetings from F-18 CE.15-12  
  Cobham G-FRAU on take off Tigermeet 2014 badge on J-616 J-013 with full military selected  
  EF-2000 3110 on take off 3065 in a steep climbout 3080 even more steeper!  
   included in this mission was 3064 3094 came out on a nice height 3097 in the turn to avoid noise  
  Spain AF F-18BM CE.15-12 J-197 on straight out runway heading 313 sqns'  J-062 in the turn  
  J-016 banking to the left 80-0024 with full military selected followed by 86-0155  
  Florida ABG F-15C 81-0023 on the climb out after take off 86-0151's  spectacular roll out