Nörvenich AB,  11-08-2015  
  Homebased EF-2000 3079 3106 with TLG-71 badge applied D-HNWN made an overshoot  
  Tornado 4618 on the taxitrack 4473 came much closer! D-HSHD  of the Police Pilots School  
  3112 with a live IRIS-T missile 3065 with a live Sidewinder! TLG-33 Tornado 4458 on landing  
  next to land was 4585 recovery of 4622 after the morning and the afternoon missions  
  Another Police visitor was D-HSHC strange approach of 4618 but normal on landing  
  4571 taxing for the runway and its'  wingman 4557 recovery of TLG-31 EF-2000 3112  
  3106 made it also safely back 4479 on finals runway-25 4571 came in as a one ship  
  4557 made several practice approaches before it landed last to land was 4473  
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