Flugplatz Hohn,  02-07-2015  
  5255 at the barracks' Main Gate 7157 in nice farewell scheme Tante Ju is also to be found here  
  5085 is Hohn AB's Gate Guard old workhorse Do-28D2  5834 5061 being towed to its' parking spot  
  FDG flightline with Lj-31 D-CGFM, Learjet-36A  D-CGFF & Lj-35A  D-CARL between the missions  
  C-160D 5104 before the hangar 5103 needed GPS adjustments and brought back when done  
  5076 taxiing out for a mission and seen here on a low approach Afghanistan misssion reminder...  
  5082 was used for ground instruction 4570 awaiting things to come 4644 taxiing out for a mission  
  TLG-51 Tornado ECR 's 4648 & 4635 on the flightline of Hohn AB alternative LTG-63 badge on 5104  
  LTG-63 C-160D 5054 at home 5036 with Mazar-e-Sharif badge finishing with this nice shot of  5055  


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