Exercise Green Shield 2014, Nancy AB-France,  14-04-2014

au personnel de BA-133: Merci Beaucoup!

Mirage-20005F 70/116-AD on the taxiway Royal Saudi Arabia AF F-15C  208 on the taxiway of Nancy AB
followed by its'  wingman 214 Mirage-2000D 654/133-ID during take-off followed by Mirage-2000D 680/133-XM
Royal Saudi Arabia AF F-15C's 208 and 214 seen here  during take-off Recovery of Mirage-2000D 671/133-XK
followed vy Mirage-2000D 680/133-XM Air Defence Mirage-2000F5's  43/116-EJ  and 70/116-AD also returned to Nancy AB
as well as their adversary's : Royal Saudi Arabia AF F-15C 's,  Eagles,   208 and 205  Mirage-2000D 654/133-ID on the flightline
 Mirage-2000D  653/133-AU EC01.007 Rafale C's 115/113-IT and 145/113-GX were also participating
Rafale B 342/113-FI is assigned to EC01.091 F-15C 203 is assigned to 2 sqn, RSAAF RSAAF F-15C 205 on the flightline of BA-133
208 with a different colored nosecone 214 was obtained from the USAFE were it   flew as 79-0043 out of Bitburg AB, Germany
232 is a F-15D jettrainer/fighter as well as 233  203 almost ready for the next mission
205 in the nice sunlight on the flightline 232 awaiting things to come  233 flew with USAFE's 32 TFS as 79-0004/CR