Wunstorf AB  11-04-2013


Noratlas GR-249 at the Base Museum Mi-8T 9303 is also preserved there as well as LTG-62's LTG-62's Piaggio P-149D 5044
Cockpit of C-160D 5107 LTG-62 badge as applied on GR-249 G-91R/3 3036 is an instructional airframe inside the Technical School
and the FIAT seen here from above still carrying MTHR--25 badge UH-1D 7253 is also used for instruction 9903 is another Gina used for instruction
and G-91R/3 9903 has an attractive shark-mouth! Do-28D2 5890 is also used for instruction P-149D 9065 is preserved outside
FLZ FFB Liason Group badge Electronic Transall trainer badge official LTG-62 badge badge of Condor Target Tow Group
Airfield Fire-Brigades' Crashtender Gate Guard P-149D  6250; is really 9035 5103 leaving for a mission 5115 is assigned to LTG-63
LTG-62 C-160D 5038 is   on 24 hrs notice standby for medevacs worldwide 5105 on the ramp of Wunstorf AB
5105 aside 5060 on the ramp overview of the ramp with 5105 in front 5060 is used for electronic instruction and not flyworthy