Wittmund  AB   28-06/29-06/01-07-2013

Phantom Pahrewell Open House


static display of Bo-105 8764 8257 attended also as did CH-53G 8502 of HSG-64 Denmark AF presence:  T-17 T-428
Model of the Pharewell F-4 base museums' F-104G 2485 civil Ghomhouria in Egypt AF scheme 3722 before its' shelter
3722 seen here frogperspective F-4FKWS 3715 of WtD-61 3837 was also to be seen  as well as 3848
3828 on display inside the HAS F-4FKWS 3833 was painted in Norm-81 camouflage pattern 3862 with engines running
F-4FKWS 3810 was painted in the first, Norm-72, camouflage pattern WtD-61 Phantom Pharewell bird
F-4FKWS 3701 in attractive Phantom Pharewell scheme Tornado's  4470 & 4557 were also present
Spain AF EF-18A+ Hornet C.15-34 Belgium AF F-16BM FB-24 FDG Learjet D-CGFH ATAC's L-39 N214AX in attractive scheme
Pharewell flight taxiing out 3810 on the taxitrack and on the runway 3701 heading for the runway
3701 taxiing back after its'final landing 3073 entering the runway and taking off low approach of 3073
Hawk XX-315 on the runway Spain AF C.15-10 seen here leaving Wittmund AB C.15-34 in 50 years
ALA-12 anniversary scheme N268WL was  towed away from the static Last flight Phantoms parked on the ramp
Tornado 4470 on the runway and made a low approach before leaving and JaBoG-33 Tornado 4557 did also
Manching based F-4FKWS Phantoms 3813 and 3715 seen here leaving Wittmund for Neuburg AB
low approach of Dixie formation ATAC L-39 N214AX on the runway and during a low approach overshooting BAe A-4N N262WL
Belgium AF F-16BM FB-18 and FB24 as well as F-16AM FA-110 seen here on the runway and performed a low approach also
CH-53G 8502 made a rather acrobatic manouvre while leaving P-3C Orion 6005 made a low approach AG-51's tiger on the runway
Tiger Tornado 4657 on low approach 31 sqn Tornado ZA-472 and ZD-788 on the runway and taking off
RAF Tornao's  on low approach FBS A-319 Airbus on the runway and made a very low appraoch C-160D 5082 ready for take off
5082 made a Sarajevo-approach EF-2000 3029, the Bavarian Tiger, left Wittmung not before making a very nice low approach