Wittmund  AB  06-2013

the last days of the German Phantoms


3722 on the runway 3837 entering the runway 3837 almost in position and taking off
Skyhawk-1 N432FS returning to Wittmund Followed by Skyhawk-2  N268WL 3722 during a touch and go and deploying the dragchute
3848 entering the runway JaBoG-33 Tornado's 4470 and 4463 made   some low  approaches
3848 returning QRA brds shortly before take off ROAR!: 3762 on take off 3096 with JaBoG-31 & JG-71  markings
mixed sortie of EF-2000 and F-4FKWS 3837 on GCA roll-out  and disposing  the dragchute 3792 with dragchute deployed
turning to dispose of  the dragchute and ready to leave the runway N268WL in very early morning light A-4N N432FS almost an hour later
QRA-bird 3096 on the runway  and its' wingman 3092 YES, F-4's!: 3722 on its'way to the runway and chosing postion on the runway
3864 was the 2nd  (and last) F-4 of the day and my final operational F-4 take off shot! Dart Golf Alpha returning Skyhawk-1 recovering into Wittmund
Northern Helicopter SA.365 overshooting QRA-bird 3092 on GCA roll-out and 3096 leaving the runway 3722 on low approach
followed by 3864 EF-2000(T) 3084 came in for a full stop landing at Wittmund 3864: my final operational German F-4!