Wittmund AB  May 2013


BAe A-4N N268WL entering the runway QRA-Bird 3792 on the runway followed by its' wingman 3828 3828 starting the take oiff
Eurofighter 3096 on  take off formation of theQRA-birds with FDG Lj-25 3810 leaving the main N262WL on GAC roll-out
8472 came in for a fuel stop and seen here on take off N432FS is another BAe A-4N N268WL seen here upon recovery
 Bk-117 D-HMUS came in for a fuel stop D-EJGR on the runway German  Sea King 8951 on low approach N262WL was obtained from the Israel AF
Eurofighter 3083 on the runway 3837 with full  military selected! 3833 in norm-81 camo recovery of QRA bird 3828
3083 is now a JG-71 bird but still carries the JG-74 badge 3837 during a low approach and seen here above the 08
D-HCDL flies for the German Navy   N432FS during landing N434FS above the 08 Phantom farewell F-4FKWS 3701
L-18 D-EJGR seen here whilst landing EF-2000 3098 entering the runway and awaiting take off clearance pair of Phantoms on the runway
3701 on the main 3833 almost back to Wittmund AB and landing on the 08 3864 for a touch and go
N268WL safely back followed by N262WL 3848 for full stop landing recovery of EF-2000 3096
3864 on touchdown F-4FKWS  recovering into  Wittmund AB's runway 08 in its' beautiful Phantom farewell scheme