Volkel AB  14-06-2013



Nehteherlands AF F-16's fly-past Netherlands AF KDC-10 T-235 arrival of the Red Arrows Poland AF Su-22 Fitter 3920
Poland Af Fitter banking Patrouille de France performing some nice manoeuvres launcing a flare inverted!
ZA-947 is the BoBMF Dakota and PS-915 is one of their Spitfires Frecce Tricolori during their show and their the solo display aircraft
A-292 made several (photo) flights Badge of the Nehterlands AF Test Unit Preserved Bo-105 B-77 and F-104G D-8114 in the static
Saab-105 60140 is still airworthy as well as the Hunter of the Dutch  Hunter  History Flight N-321 Finland AF PC-12  PI-01
French AF Normadie-Niemen sqn Rafales 114 and 133 were also present Portugal AF F-16's 15133 and 15108 seen here on the staticline
Finland AF Hornet HN-434  Slovak AF L-39CM 5301 Estonia AF An-2  41 Estonia AF L-39C 10 in nice livery!
Greece AF A-7 Corsairs 156753 and 160616 were parked in the static Norway AF F-16B 306 is a dual-seater & F-16AM 686 is their solo-display aircraft
Netherlands Navy HN-90NFH N-227 Czech AF Mi-24V "tiger" Hind 7353 Lynx 8320 in 100 yrs anniversary scheme 70 years 322 sqn F-16AM J-006
65 years 323 sqn F-16AM J-002 German AF Phantom farwell F-4FKWS 3701 was a very welcome participant 60 years 313 sqn F-16AM  J-196