Photo-Impressions of



                       CAMBRAI AB, FRANCE.

Escadron de Chasse 01.012: Thanks for the perfect organistaion and the very good opportunities!
Escadron de Chasse 01.012:  Merci pour la bonne organisation et un très bon potentiel!)

                                                 Participating aircraft in random order:


             Greece AF was present with F-16C's 003,010 and F-16D 021


15102, 15109, 15117 and 15106 were 4 of 6 Portuguese AF F-16's present


       4058, 4061 and 4082 are assigned to Poland AF's 6 Fighter Squadron

                        French AF participated with their Mirage fighters:


42 was on loan from Dijon AB; 44 in Tiger colours; 88 at its' homebase and 80 also.


Czech Republic Mi-24, Slovakia MIg-29 and Spain F-18 participated also


German AF AG-51 was present with Tornado's 4461, 4610 and "Black Panther" 4551


German AF FBW-32 were present with Tornado's  4644, 4646 and "Picasso"  4629


JaBoG-32 celebrated 15 years of full NATO-Tigerassociation membership with Tornado 4633

            Czech republic was also present with JAS-39 Gripen fighters:


                   9819, 9238,  "Sabretooth Tiger" 9245 and  Tigered 9235


         Austria AF Saab-105's I/yellow and G/red on the Cambrai AB taxitrack


Swiss AF F/A-18C J-5023 & J-5011 in tiger markings with supporting Beech-19000D T-729


               Turkey AF F-16's 93-0679 and tigered ones: 93-0682 & 93-0696