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  Nicpix Aviation Press Related:  
  Eriks Pages: lots of interesting things; see for examples the thumbnails below  
  Animal Related Historic Places Ice scluptures Prehistoric related Zoo Pages  
  Animal Related Old Aviation Page Historic Places Ice Sculptures Prehistoric Zoo Pages  
  Nicpix Aviation Press Archives:  images of aircraft slides sold over the years!  
  Erik op den Dries  Nature Photography  
  Personal website of Erik op den Dries, dedicated to his  Nature Photography  
  Aviation weblinks:  
  Spotters Startpagina All kind of aircraft spotters related webpages listed  
  Luchtvaart Vereniging Twenthe,  Spotterssociety of Twenthe/The Netherlands  
  CAVOK -- Reports on airshows, exercises and base visits around the world  
  Aviation Gallery --  site from aviation-enthusiast W.Nijhuis  --  Nice interesting site of Italian Dario Ceredi including
 slides for sale!

Other websites:

  Photo site of Rudy Koopman, with nature and aircraft photographs