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Royal Netherlands AF F-35A, F-012, seen here at Leeuwarden AB, The Netherlands


India Navy, 899 sqn,  Sea Harrier FRS Mk.51 IN608 was lost 09-09-2007


Israel AF F-15's were based at RAF Waddington during the exercise Cobra Warrior '19

Minnesota ANG Viper 91-0408 on finals at Leeuwarden AB during Frisian Flag 2019
 Royal Netherlands AF F-16BM J-882 in 313 sqn 65th anniversary scheme
 RAF Voyager KC.2  ZZ-330  with the RAF 100th anniversary  banner applied
                          147th Tactical Interceptor Group, Texas ANG,  F-4C 63-7420 Phantom II on patrol
EC-130H 73-1588, assigned to 41st ECS, on finals rwy-26, Ramstein AB

  Soviet AF MiG-27K Flogger 02 of the Rechlin-Laerz based 19th Guards Regiment

Greece AF F-4E Phantom II taxiing to the runway at Hopsten AB
Canadian CF-104 Starfighter , painted in tiger colors, in it's element
Lightning F.2A XN-776/C of no. 92 sqn , seen here at its' home base of RAF G�tersloh

          In honour of all those involved and to remember the RAF's most important battle ever,            ZK-349 painted in WW-II camouflage pattern

Oregon ANG F-15C 86-0151 on take off during Frisian Flag 2015

03 is a NATO C-17A Globemaster III and is based at Papa AB, Hungary
Javelin FAW.9  XH903/G is preserved at Staverton, UK, in 60 sqn, RAF, markings
Soviet AF MiG-29 Fulcrum 21/blue was assigned to 85 Regiment, based at Merseburg, East-Germany
  Algeria AF C-130H Hercules 7T-WHE was a participant in the RIAT-2014 at RAF Fairford  
  Turkish AF F16's operated out of Wittmund AB during the NATO exercise JAWTEX-2014  
  Saudi Arabia AF F-15C 208 on the taxiway of Nancy AB, France, during Green Shield 2014  
  USAFE's 52 TFW F-4G Wild Weasel 69-0241 at its' homebase: Spangdahlem AB, Germany  
   Green Flag 2013 exercise  brought Saudi Arabiia AF Typhoons to RAF Coningsby  
  German AF F-4FKWS Phantom II 3813 was the last F-4 in German service, July 29th 2013  
  Royal Netherlands AF F-104G D-8114 on the static of the Volkel Open House 2014  
  3833  is painted in Norm-81 camo pattern due to the retirement of the F-4's in June 2013  
  Danish AF TF-104G Starfighter seen here at Leeuwarden Open House, 22-06-1985  
   V-Force  Vulcan B.2 bomber enjoying its' retirement at RAF Waddington  
  BAe Systems Douglas A-4N Skyhawk N262WL target-tug , Wittmund AB 05-06-2012  
  3828 was the last  F-4FKWS Phantom II to recieve major overhaul  in December 2013  
  Test & Trial Eurofighter 9807 is used by the DASA compagny at Manching AB, Germany  
   Douglas A-4N Skyhawk N437FS on the runway of Wittmund AB in the very first daylight  
  Villacoublay/Velize based French AF TBM-700 146/XR caught on finals at Ramstein AB  
  German AF Eurofighter 3048 in JG-74 in 50 years anniversary scheme  
   French AF Mirage-2000 no.44 in NATO-Tigermeet  50th anniversary scheme  
   3722 is a German AF JG-7 F-4FKWS Phantom II fighter;  in a wintery scene at its' homebase.  
   Romanian AF  fighter-bomber IAR-93A with registration 150 in its' beautiful camouflage pattern  
   Chile AF F-16AM 744 ( ex J-636  Royal Netherlands AF) seen here  at Leeuwarden AB  
   tigered 313 sqn Royal Netherlands AF F-16A J-222 in attractive NTM-2010 livery  
    3 different versions of the Mirage F-1 waiting to enter the runway at Reims AB  
  Polish AF F-16C 4055 was one of the participants of Frisian Flag 2010  
   Netherlands AF F-16AM J-006 entering the runway at Woensdrecht AB  
    Canadian CC-150 Polaris 15003  photographed at its' homebase, CFB Trenton  
   VFC-13 c/o on the runway at NAS Fallon with hiked nosewheel ; ready for take-off!  
   German AF F-4FKWS 3703 in 50 years JG-71 (Fighterwing 71) anniversary scheme  
   Mirage F-1CR 646/33-NW during an overshoot at Florennes AB, Belgium  
   Italy AF Tornado IDS mm7027 in 155 Gruppo 70 years anniversary scheme  
   JG-71's  beautiful F-4FKWS Phantom II with registration 3849 in 50 years Phantom livery  
   F-16AM J-876 in 65th anniversary scheme of 322 sqn Royal Netherlands AF  
  F-104G FX-47 is being preserved inside a HAS at Beauvechain AB, Belgium  
   Rafale C  108/7-HS, assigned  to EC 01.007 at the taxitrack of  Leeuwarden AB