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-As of June 2007 Nicpix Aviation Press standard used slide filmtype has changed from Kodachrome in to Fuji    Provia 100F due to the incompetent performance of the Kodak Developing laboratory

-All slides are scanned as they are although colour changes may occur because of the scanning process.

-All slides have no defects unless otherwise advised

-All slides are of far better quality than the scanned images!

-All slides are subject of availability

-Filmtypes used used are  Kodachrome or Fuji Provia 100F; otherwise they will be specified, or as unknown, in the remarks box on the slie pages

-Dust may occur on the slides; especially the older ones. Unremovable dust wiil be advised

-All slides are subject of copyright remaining to Nicpix Aviation Press or the individual photographer!

-No slide may be used for public viewing, reproduction in any way,  or in any way commercial usage wihout written permission of Nicpix Aviation Press! If permission is been granted  a full credit to Nicpix Aviation Press must be given!

-Nicpix Aviation Press is not to be held responsible for any defects may occur during delivery.

-Nicpix Aviation Press is not to be held responsible for any cash payment non-arriving at our address.

-Nicpix Aviation Press is not to be held responsible for any non-delivery when the regular mail option is chosen.

-By ordering any items of our site means the customer agrees to the do's and the don'ts of the above mentioned!

-For all other remarks/questions etc not above mentioned please contact us first before doing anything!

                                                                                                  Nicpix Aviation Press,    June 04, 2007