Nicpix Aviation Press

About Us

The team has formed in 2000 out of commercial backgrounds
and is registered under no:  08091353 of Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

At first to create more possibilities to sell our, mainly, military aircraft photographs and images.

Our activities include the offering of as many different images of the aircraft as we can photograph!
Therefore we need the cooperation of the military of the various countries where we make our photographs
and in return for this cooperation they'll often ask for our images, not always for official purposes!

Our staff can identify themselves with their Nicpix Aviation Press Identity/Press-Card!
Currently the team consists of three fieldworkers, the actual journalists/photographers,
and a office worker for mainly administrational purposes
Support:  Journalists/Photographers:
A.E . op den Dries    H. op den Dries

 H.J. Weterholt

W. op den Dries